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First things first:  We want to thank the Pro Squash Community for embracing the Manhattan Community Squash Center and our mission to make the sport more accessible.  We’ve only been open for six weeks and we have already had several of you train here during the TOC and others drop by for a visit. We’ve also had pro exhibition matches and a pro-led fundraiser for women’s squash.  We hope our close relationship will continue.

On exactly that note, we have opportunities this summer (2020) for top PSA players to host their own junior (or perhaps adult) camps and clinics at our new facility, and are now accepting proposals (or even just expressions of strong interest) on a rolling basis until March 15th, 2020.  The specific weeks and/or weekends we have open are not definite, but for now, we welcome offers for any week and/or weekend from the middle of June to the middle of August.  

As suggested above, summer programming can come in many flavors — from full-week camps to long-weekend clinics to group and private lessons or combination of those — and if you are a top pro and are at all interested, we are happy to talk options through with you. We are also open to a variety of economic arrangements from a “revenue share” share to a flat guaranteed payment or some combination.  Part of it depends on how much you want us (Manhattan Squash) to do in the area of marketing & sales and billing & collection.  And of course, part of it depends on how much risk you want to take around enrollment.  We are also open to a short-term, multi-week “in house” arrangement for a Head Summer Junior Pro without any risk but a commitment around a number of hours on premises holding camps and clinics giving lessons.

As this is our first summer, it is our time to experiment with different approaches and so the bottom line is that we’re up for trying anything that serves our mission and covers our costs.  

Please send proposals as an individual or as as group, including a programming and staffing plan to our Director of Operations Cleve Miller: Cleve@TheSquashCenter.org.  

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