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Announcing the Incredible Manhattan Squash Junior Program Team!

As you know, we’re launching our in-house junior program in September, and our Summer Starter camps have already begun.

When designing the program, the first step was to establish the core principles we want to build upon: accessibility, a love for the sport, pedagogical excellence, character building, and providing personalized learning paths for each child, whether they want to play recreationally or compete in high-level tournaments.

The second step was to build a world-class team. Today, we’re thrilled to announce this team.

We emphasize “team” because we’ve structured the group holistically. Of course we have best-in-class squash coaches, but we also have fitness and nutrition expertise and dedicated operations staff to make sure everything runs perfectly for our kids and our parents.

So here we go:

First, we’re pleased to announce John Musto as our Director of Squash, responsible for all adult and junior programming.

Yes, John has always been a terrific squash player.  Top ranked US junior, and as four-time All-American he captained Yale to two national championships. Played on the PSA tour. And today, decades later, he’s the reigning US Open and British Open Champion in his age group.

But we decided on John for a different reason: his absolute passion for teaching. He’s a Level III US Squash Certified Coach, but anyone who knows John knows that this certification doesn’t come close to describing his energy and enthusiasm for bringing out the best from every kid (and adult) he works with.

Next, we have our Director of Junior Development Josh Easdon, who will focus on beginner and intermediate juniors. This is an amazing fit because, as the founder of JoshSquash, Josh has also spent a career teaching young kids squash with passion and energy.  Josh is like a “squash whisperer” for kids…they will love the sport forever.

Thaisa Serafini is our assistant pro and head of fitness. Thaisa is the 9-time Brazilian national champion and reached #56 on the PSA tour back in her touring days. She has 10 years’ experience as a coach in the US, UK and Brazil, and is finishing up her Bachelors Degree in Physical Education, after which she will start her Masters degree in Sports Physiology.

Playing multiple roles for us will be Director of Squash Operations, David Hughes, who will be on both the coaching side (he was a top-ranked player and is currently a Level III US Squash Certified Coach) and the operational side as he has managed various educational facilities around the world, and so has the squash-specific operational skills we need.

Rounding out the team is Kristin Stokes as our Junior Program Manager.  You can think of Kristin as the administrative glue that will hold everything together, keeping the kids and parents happy and thriving.  She is one of those super-competent upbeat people who can handle and help resolve just about any situation.  Oh, and she absolutely loves working with kids.  Don’t blame us if your child wants to go to Manhattan Squash just to hang out with Kristin.  Check out her video interview here.

So that’s the core team.  It’s focused on teaching and our mission and our core values. We can’t wait to get started!

Speaking of…. what are you waiting for?  Sign up now and save up to $750!

Last point: If you are reading this announcement and very excited by it, but worry about the affordability of our programs, we want to emphasize again that we have financial aid available to those who need it. Contact Cleve and let’s talk!

Thank you,

The Manhattan Community Squash Center Team

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