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(Open Squash is a 501(c)3 non-profit and is the new brand for the Manhattan Community Squash Center; click here for the recent announcement on the re-branding.)

Open Squash’s mission is to grow the sport and make squash accessible to everyone – at every level and from all walks of life. Today we’re thrilled to announce our new Open Squash Touring Pro Program.  The goal of this program is to provide support to touring squash professionals who want to give back to the sport by participating with Open Squash in programming designed to create a thriving squash community that is open to all.

We are even more thrilled to announce our first two participants:  Ali Farag and Gina Kennedy!

Not much needs to be said about Ali’s place in the sport; he’s World #1 and already has a place in history as one of the all-time greats.  We feel incredibly lucky that he believes deeply in our mission of broadening access to the sport and is excited to join our community and help drive the mission forward.  (If you’re new to squash and want to learn more about Ali’s incredibly successful squash career, click here.)

And then there is Gina.  Gina is just starting her PSA career after a ridiculously successful college career; we don’t want to embarrass her but if you want to read about her numerous accomplishments, click here.  And Gina has already posted some impressive PSA tour victories.  We have high hopes for her pro career and wish her every success.  But just as important, Gina, like Ali, is excited to become part of our community and is committed to our goal of growing and opening up squash for all.

As part of the Program, Ali and Gina have committed to visiting Open Squash whenever they can and participating in our programming, everything from helping with clinics for both adults and juniors to playing exhibition matches with fellow pros.  (In fact, Ali has already helped enormously, just this past week, by playing a very entertaining exhibition as part of a junior scholarship fundraiser.)  And Ali and Gina will also be promoting the Open Squash brand by wearing it on their shirts when they are competing in tournaments. Additionally, Gina will be with us for at least two weeks during the summers to be a lead pro at our summer camps.

Please join us in welcoming Ali and Gina to the Open Squash community, and we hope everyone gets a chance to meet them whenever they are visiting.  And if you ever see them at a tournament, please join us and cheer them on!


For other PSA pros interested in learning more about our Touring Pro Program, please contact Cleve Miller at cleve@thesquashcenter.org.

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