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Lots of good news in this post.  We have pro matches for you to watch, some PSA pros for you to play with and you can finally start booking courts! 

First of all, we have an exciting set of Pro Matches scheduled for THIS FRIDAY @ 7PM! Click here to register and buy your $10 ticket.

The First match is Olivia Fiechter vs. Olivia Blatchford-Clyne.  Fiechter joined the tour just last year at #170 and has already risen to #39 this year.  At #19 in the world, Blatchford-Clyne is clearly the favorite, but Fiechter has already beaten a top 10 player this year. Could it be an upset? Either way, Olivia vs. Olivia should be an awesome matchup!


Our second match pitches India’s rising star Vikram Malhotra, at #58 vs. Jaymie Haycocks, who has reached the PSA top 50 as a career high, and is renown for knocking off top seeds. Come see – could be a nail-biter!


But that’s not all. If you’d like to PLAY WITH THESE PROs, you can do that too!  After the matches, a lucky few of you will get the chance to get on court and play one game to 11 with one of them. Register here for your $25 ticket.

Included in your ticket price is beer, wine and other non-alcoholic refreshments.

We’ve also set our online court booking live. So once you’ve been inspired by these matches, members can log on and book your courts by going directly here or to www.ManhattanSquash.com – just click “login” and navigate to court booking. The time slots are really really limited at the moment, but over the next few weeks you’ll see your options expand considerably. Cleve and I couldn’t resist being the first to book courts. 🙂  

We are also going to be moving all of our round robin registrations to Club Locker. At the moment only the Beginner Clinics have been enabled, but later this week you’ll be able to sign into all of our round robins and clinics so we can make sure we don’t over-populate the courts. To register you just have to click the court time and follow the instructions.

Whether you’re watching the pros, playing with them or having a hit with a mate, remember pros don’t boast, they just keep it deep.


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