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At the beginning of May we announced the launch of our very own Manhattan Squash Junior Program.  Now it’s time to give you all some details:

As you have probably figured out, we love squash, we believe everyone is better off with squash in their lives, our programs are going to be amazing and we are entirely objective. But amazing isn’t good enough. Our mission is to make squash accessible, so in addition to the needs based discount we always offer (contact Cleve for more info: Cleve@TheSquashCenter.org). We’re also going to offer some crazy-big, one-time-only, up to $1,000 off early bird discounts to those of you that sign up for the first session (Sept 13 – Dec 6) in its entirety in advance.

  • Sign up by July 15th and save up to $1000!
  • Sign up by August 1st and save up to $750!
  • Save up to $500 if you sign up before August 15th

(Discounts are based on payment in-full in advance, space is limited, and we expect all sessions to sell out.)

What better way to kick-start our junior program?

We have three different levels to make sure that your child fits in with others of their ability, just click on the icon below to get more details and sign up:75


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Green is for children who have:

  • Never played
  • Have played and are nervous about whether they are good enough to go to the next level.
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Blue is for children who have:

  • Played squash before.
  • Know the rules.
  • Can serve the ball and return a serve with reasonable consistency.
  • Can play a match with someone else.
  • Might have even entered some bronze tournaments.
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Black is for children who have:

  • Played a lot of squash and are pretty darn good already.
  • Probably played in tournaments, though that isn’t a requirement. If they have played in tournaments, they were gold or silver level. They want to sharpen their sword!


Summer Squash Day Camp

And for those of you who want to get going a little early, we have announced a 2nd summer camp because our first one sold out. The dates are August 5th-8th and they will be coached by Mike Way.  For those of you who don’t know Mike, he’s coached America’s number one woman (Amanda Sobhy), world #1 (Ali Farag), and is the coach off the Harvard Squash team. This camp will give you a taste of the kind of quality you will find at Manhattan Squash’s Junior Program.

Mike Way

Although I’ll check with Mike when I see him, I think it’s best not to boast, just keep it deep.

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