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Thank you thank you thank you.  Thank you for the support while we are closed. Thank you for the offers to help. And to those of you that offered to donate time and money after our last weeks’ email thank you ++

After our email last week we got a mass of feedback. So many of you want to help and so many of you offered to help.  Here are some highlights:

For our Frontline Workers

Of course you would expect a bunch of community focused people like squash players to be helping those who are doing the most at the moment. And so is Dr. Abhishek Gupta, FRM, CTP, (Manhattan Squash 4.5 player). He’s got a GoFundMe campaign he’s promoting to help get N95 masks for doctors.

For you

Evan Schwalbe, Ph.D., ABN (Manhattan Squash 4.0 player) says to reach out if all of this is just getting too much for you.  He’d love to help and he’s a Board Certified Neuropsychologist. www.drevanschwalbe.com


If you find yourself looking after others, then Albert Eshoo (not a member yet, but camping out on our email list and certified squash enthusiast) has a helping guide he’s put together. There’s contact info in the guide.


Or if you’re having trouble with money and need help with that, Andrew Harrington (Manhattan Squash 4.5 player) has the following words: 


“I work for a wealth management group at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and am happy to connect with anyone that is seeking advice or financial assistance.  Most people associate us with investment management and financial planning, however there is tremendous lending capability through Bank of America.  Whether it’s business banking, commercial/residential real estate refinancing, lines of credit, etc… we can accommodate both personal and corporate requirements. I’m sure you’re aware the current environment is difficult, however I’m more than happy to introduce creative solutions for those in need of liquidity during these challenging times. Andrew.Harrington@ML.com”

And of course visit our website for your daily dose of The Manhattan Squash Show, every day at noon – and visit us on Instagram @ManhattanSquash MWF @ 4pm for a squash oriented yoga class.


We also had a rash of good news recently:

  • We received government support to defray *some* of our expenses while we’re closed.
  • Most of you are continuing to support us while we are closed (thank you again)
  • We are officially planning our re-opening now. As soon as NY State and NY City give us the OK we will reopen our doors. Here’s a quote from Cuomo on Sunday and a link to an article about relaxing the lockdown.

“You can’t tell people in a dense urban environment, all through the summer months, we don’t have anything for you to do, stay in your apartment with the three kids. You know? That doesn’t work. There’s a sanity equation here, also, that we have to take into consideration,”

Relaxing the lockdown doesn’t mean throwing caution to the wind, we and a group of other squash clubs are planning how we’ll operate while social distancing is still in effect: we’ll send an update on that next week.

We are hopeful that we’ll be allowed to start work on our cafe again soon so that it’ll be available once bars and restaurants re-open (no promises though).

In the meantime start doing some cardio activity so you don’t survive COVID only to die on the squash court.


Remember, don’t boast, just keep it deep,



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