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The squash community is incredible. I’ve never seen such a diverse group of people form a tighter knit, more supportive community than squashers. So this email is all about how we can help each other in our time of need and how we can keep the community together while our ability to play squash is being denied.

Most importantly, by now we all know people who have been negatively impacted by what’s going on. Beyond the obvious health impact, people have been affected both financially and emotionally. So what can we do to help? First of all, if you are a member of the community that is offering a good or a service, please let us know. I’m sure that given the choice, we’d all rather purchase from a squash player than a non-squash player. And secondly, if you need help, please let us know about that. I’ve no idea if a community member can assist, but we are a big tent and you never know unless you ask. At the moment we’ll keep this informal, and you can just reach out to Cleve or me, or whichever team member you know best. But my hope is we can turn into something more structured. To get the ball rolling here’s an opportunity I wrote about on Friday.


But speaking of more structured, here are some of the things we are doing to keep our squash dreams alive. 



This week we did our first series of yoga classes for squash players on Instagram Live. The classes are on MWF at 4pm (repeat: on Instagram Live @ManhattanSquash) and are taught by the lovely Emma-Kate Croghan with me as her disciple (no need for us to social distance as we live together). She’s a yogi, I’m a better squash player than yogi so that gives you an idea of the skill disparity: all are welcome. We’re getting between 20 & 50 people showing up to each class – which is awesome. Watch. Participate. Share with your friends. If you have any feedback (including level, content and time slot) let us know. And if you’d like to host a class (or more) we’d LOVE to hand you the reigns.

The Manhattan Squash Show 

John Musto is incredible. He is The Man. He is doing a squash show every weekday at noon on our website and has 10 in the can already! You can watch every episode on our YouTube channel – watch back episodes or tune in on Monday for the next one. Rumor has it that John is trading in his #1 spot in the British Open to become an YouTube influencer. You heard it here first. 


But this show is also about YOU and we are trying to showcase the club and our lovely members as often as possible. This week we’d like to highlight:


  • Member Check In featuring World No. 34 Olivia Fiechter discussing finding the positives and getting creative with training.
  • Best of the Web showing Eli Slyder create an alternative game while we’re closed 

If you have thoughts, suggestions or are interested in being on the show, contact John Musto (john.musto@thesquashcenter.org). We will be highlighting this member content and more on our social media pages so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


In closing, here’s a little video we did about community back when we were all able to get together. 

Remember, even when you’re not on court, don’t boast just keep it deep.

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