| The Squash Center

The odds were against us, but our mission was clear, and the community support was there from the beginning — build a center designed and targeted for squash players (not just another gym with a few squash courts) and make it available to all socio-economic segments of the local community by keeping our outreach broad and by making court time affordable. I loved the idea of keeping it simple, for like-minded players, with access for all. We have enough private clubs in the City, and, yes, I admit I belong to one (as I play doubles, mostly). It was a long haul, with lots of setbacks, and it’s far from done and operating. But now we’re on our way with a projected Spring opening. Big thanks to all who were there during our first few steps, especially to those that helped us, one way or another, get to where we are now: Brett Erasmus, David Hughes, Robert Osborne, Robair Reichtenstein, Kathy Mintz, Ankur Manglik, Cary Kimmel, Zach Stern, Anders Wahlstedt, Sara Odell, Eric Liftin, and so many others. Thank you all! Hope to see you… on the court or at the bar!
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