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We are so close to opening, we can taste it. And now we’d like a little help from our friends.

First – we’d like to hire some of you!  We’re looking for a few enthusiastic people – you don’t have to play squash (but how could you resist?). You do have to be personable and not to precious to pick up towels, do laundry or help someone find their lost racquet. Most of all you’ll be the face of Manhattan Squash to all our guests. You’ll greet them, make sure they have a great experience and if you have any extra skills like bookkeeping, marketing, coding, or designing – well I’m sure we’ll be able to take advantage of those too. For a full job description and application details, please click here.

Secondly, like all construction projects we are over budget.  As we get close to opening, we’d love your help to put the finishing touches on our new center. We’ve decided to offer naming rights to lots of fun items.  Essentially these are discretionary purchases that we’d like to buy but which could be cut and we would still have a fantastic five court squash facility. This is your chance to say “we really need a [insert item here]”. If you think we need a rowing machine – well please help us buy one! Or perhaps it’s an espresso machine or the kegerator? Or some yoga mats. And of course if there’s something we haven’t thought of that you think we should have – now’s the time to let us know and help us get it.

Ours is a non-profit community squash center, and so far we’ve relied on large donations from a small group of fantastic people.  Let’s turn that around and get smaller donations from a larger group of amazing squash players – that’s you!! 

Imagine when we open how you will feel when you know you’ve have your imprint indelibly etched into the community center. It’ll be awesome and everyone will be grateful. 

For a full list of what’s available click here.  And of course those who would rather stay behind the curtain, anonymous donations are always welcome.


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