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Hiring squash pros can be tough. The skills and attributes that lead to competitive success on the PSA tour are very different from those that lead to success as a squash teacher.

The holy grail is to find someone who combines world-class squash ability with the passion and patience for teaching, communicating, developing and encouraging that ability in others. This combination isn’t common and…well, you can probably see where this post is going!

So, it’s with great pleasure that we can announce that Peter Creed is joining Open Squash this fall at our Bryant Park location, where he will be focusing on the Red Team juniors and adult players. Peter is the perfect example of that ideal combination that leads to the highest quality of squash teaching.

As a PSA pro, Peter has had a long and successful career. As PSA top 50 player, he has won 9 PSA titles, and was 9-time Welsh #1 (beating Joel Makin in 2015, ‘16, and ‘17). In short, he can hang with anyone on court.

More importantly, Peter has a simply amazing teaching pedigree. He went to school at Millfield School, where he trained under none other than “Mr. Squash” Jonah Barrington himself, and Peter still teaches there during the off-season, along with Mo and Marwan Elshorbagy. He’s also worked with Rod Martin and Rob Owen (Paul Coll’s coach), and for the last six years he’s taught with US National Junior Coach, Luke Butterworth, working with top-level juniors over the summer.

The other quality Peter has is his philosophy of teaching: he focuses on the individual and he believes that there “no one way” to play, but rather recognizes every player is different – it fits Open Squash’s learner-centric approach to a T.

So please join us in welcoming Peter to the Open Squash community!

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