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When Cleve sent me this picture by text I nearly fainted. For clarity: we have been awarded a license to serve beer and wine on the 5th floor of 25 West 39th Street. This will mean nothing to some of you, but for others, a beer (Old Speckled Hen please) after a hard game of squash is a moment to savor. We had hoped to have a liquor license when we opened, but – well, you know – things happened in the last year that delayed just about everything.  No, this is not April 1st. It feels more like a harbinger of things to come. Of living life a little more like we used to. Over the next few weeks please expect more news like this. Vaccines are rolling out. Our cafe will open up this summer. Things are getting better. Spring, rebirth and optimism is in the air.  Cheers!!!

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