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On Dec 23rd we passed our Department of Buildings Inspection and WE CAN OPEN!  We are *beyond* excited. We’ve recorded another tour to show you the improvements, but for those of you that prefer to read, here’s some of the changes you should expect:

Expanded Operating Hours

We we are going to begin our “regular operating hours” on December 26th:

  • Weekdays: 6:30am-11pm
  • Weekends, 8am-8pm
  • Holiday Hours as follows: Dec 25th: 3-8pm, Dec 31st, 6:30-6pm, Jan 1st, noon-8pm
We are looking forward to adjusting these hours based on actual demand.
It’s all about the money

If you are already a member then you have paid for your first month (we’ve been allowing members to play “for free” up until now as we prepare to open). Your first paid month will be January and unless you have more than one month paid for in advance you should expect a charge from us near the first of February for your monthly membership. 

If you are not a member (why not? Where have you been?) we suggest you add us to your list of New Years resolutions and join by clicking here.

Changing Rooms

The Men’s and Women’s changing rooms are now fully functional. We have day lockers that you can use when you come visit (don’t leave anything in them overnight as we’ll be cleaning them out daily).  The showers and toilets all work – but please remember to bring your own towel until we get our towel service going.


Over the next couple of weeks (perhaps the next time you visit The Center)  will be issuing swipe cards to all of you. These cards will open the sliding glass doors to get you into the courts, and they will indicate to us that you have arrived, so we will check you into your court (to ensure you don’t pay a “no-show” fee).  Once our rental lockers come on line (imminently) you will also be able to use this card to lock and unlock your locker. So go ahead – visit our website and reserve your court today!

Stretching Area

The stretching area is now set up – over the next few weeks we will bring in additional exercise equipment for you to use. But you can use the space now to warm up or cool down and we will offer yoga and personal training in the New Year.

There are a host of other small things that you’ll discover as you visit and we still have more to build – including our cafe, laundry service and pro-shop. So enjoy today and look out for the improvements as we introduce them.

As always, we look forward to hearing from you, but in the meantime, remember, don’t boast, just keep it deep.


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