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When we first opened – two and a half months before lockdown – we required an annual commitment from all of our 200 members. When we re-opened in July of 2020, we didn’t insist on an annual commitment because the future was so uncertain. That was the right thing to do, and we’d like to continue it.

As you may know, we plough absolutely every dollar generated back into squash: into programming, subsidies, and making sure that squash is accessible to all. This will always be the case and it’s why we are a 501(c)3 non-profit. And yet it’s clear that you, our community, like a monthly membership. We do too – but one of the harsh realities of life is that monthly membership = less revenue for Open Squash (people take summers and holidays off and don’t pay during those periods). So what are we to do?!

After much deliberation, the decision became obvious. We shouldn’t be making this choice, we should be offering a choice! In that spirit, we’ve decided to offer the same three tiers of service (off-peak, peak and unlimited), with three different pricing models: pay up-front, pay monthly, or only commit month-to-month.

Should you decide to tie the annual knot with your friendly-neighbourhood-squash-non-profit then there will be no change in your monthly charge. If you pay up front we’ll give you a discount. And if you’d like to commit 30 days at a time we’re providing a way to do that too. All choices come with our warm appreciation of your support for the vibrant squash community you’ve helped build.

Community and accessibility go hand-in-hand, which means this will not be the only notice you will receive. We’ll be reaching out to you personally to walk you through your options and make sure that you get what’s best for your personal situation. If for some reason we can’t get hold of you, we’ll move you to “no annual commitment” in your tier of choice until we get an opportunity to talk.  And of course our economic subsidies will continue in each category.

I’m sure that some of you already know what you want, so if this describes you, then Click Here to make your decision today!

Thank you as always for all your support. And remember, don’t boast, just keep it deep.

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