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With enthusiasm and optimism we opened in January 2020.  Then COVID struck in March and change our lives. But many of us now know someone who has had their first vaccination shot. So we are allowing enthusiasm and optimism back into our hearts and we are thinking about expansion.

Prepare to allow full-time squash back into your lives.

In addition to our inimitable, US champion John Musto, we have two new pros offering lessons at Manhattan Squash.

Chris Sachvie

Chris currently teaches elite players as the assistant coach of the Columbia University squash team, and has over 12 years of coaching experience. He’s the Men’s over 30 Canadian Champion, 3-time Captain and All-American from Cornell, and is available Tuesday and Thursday mornings for lessons. 

Chris Satchvie


David Hughes

Level 3 US Squash certified coach (that’s the highest level – there is no level 4), David has been nationally ranked in Canada from the age of 16. He was the varsity coach at York University (in Toronto) and has been a full time teaching pro in numerous squash clubs across the continent all the way from Vancouver to New York and a few in between. In addition to giving individual lessons on the weekend, David is teaching Friday night beginner clinics for anyone just starting out in squash. You can attend up to four of these without being a member, and the first one is free!!

We are hiring!

As the center gets busier we are looking to hire a dual role of Manhattan Squash Welcoming Official (that’s the person behind the front desk when you arrive) and social media manager. Someone who can gather all the amazing squash stories and pictures and share them on FB, IG, Twitter and TikToc.  And then come back and meet and greet and make everyone who visits our center feel welcome and safe.

Check out this ad in US Squash which has all the details and send an email to Cleve@The SquashCenter.org if you’re interested in learning more.

Stay Safe Out There

NYU Langone has started a research paper on our safety protocols in the age of COVID – but remember,  safety comes from you. Wear a mask, take a test if you don’t feel well, and limit your social contacts until you get a vaccine. And of course, please don’t boast – just keep it deep.

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