The Centers

Our Mission

Simply stated, our mission is squash for all. We are working to democratize squash and open up this incredible sport to a broader audience. We are New York’s first and only public, non-profit, dedicated squash facility specifically designed to help make the sport more visible, vital, accessible and affordable. We offer sliding-scale membership discounts, junior scholarships and three membership tiers in order to reach more diverse socioeconomic communities.

Bryant Park: 5 courts

25 W 39th St, 5th floor, NYC, 10018

FiDi: 8 courts

100 Pearl St, 14th Floor, NYC, 10004

Brooklyn: 9/10 courts

43 Clark St, Brooklyn, 11201

Three locations.

One Community.

Bryant Park Open Now!
25 W 39th St, 5th floor, NYC, 10018
(914) 315-4070

FiDi *Coming Q3 2023*
100 Pearl St, NYC, 10004
(914) 315-4070

Brooklyn *Coming Q4 2024*
43 Clark St, Brooklyn, 11201
(914) 315-4070

Help Support Open Squash

We are a non profit 501(c)3 organization. 30% of our membership is on
financial aid. You can help support us in several ways:

Become a member today
Tell your friends you joined (or at least tell them about us if you’re still on the fence!)
We are selling overpriced SWAG above. This will get you a tax deduction and a general feeling of well-being.
Become a Founding Member. For more details, email