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Open Squash’s mission is to grow the sport and make squash accessible to everyone – at every level and from all walks of life.

We announced our new Open Squash Touring Pro Program a few months ago here to further support that goal.  The program provides touring squash professionals an opportunity to give back to the sport by participating with Open Squash in activities designed to create a thriving squash community open to all. Our first two pro participants were none other than PSA #1 Ali Farag, and PSA #10 Gina Kennedy, the fastest rising star in the history of the PSA.

And we are thrilled to announce our next two participants:  Haley Mendez and Nathan Lake.

Here’s the press release with all the details. Suffice it to say that Haley and Nathan are ideal colleagues to help drive the Open Squash movement forward. Throughout their highly successful PSA careers, they have always exemplified our mission of growing access to the sport. I’ve also worked with them for years in my NY Squash role and they have always been unfailingly generous with their time and advice, and have always prioritized giving back to the sport.  

As part of the Program, Haley and Nathan have committed to training at Open Squash when they are in NYC, and participating in our programming — everything from helping with clinics for both adults and juniors, to providing mentorship to high school players thinking of playing in college, and to playing exhibition matches.

Please join us in welcoming Haley and Nathan to the Open Squash community! 


For other PSA pros interested in learning more about our Touring Pro Program, please contact Cleve Miller at cleve@opensquash.org.

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