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Here we are with another tour of the Manhattan Community Squash Center.  But it’s a frustrating day for us.  We just found out that the Fire Department will not inspect our space until Nov 7th. In order to operate a facility like ours, you have to first get a “Certificate of Occupancy”. And before you get that, one of the many steps you must take is to have the Fire Department come by and make sure that your fire safety systems work.  Ours are all installed and ready to go but unfortunately New York’s Bravest are super busy and can’t come before Nov 7th. Which means we can’t open before then.  As optimistic squash players, we’re taking a deep breath, pushing our opening date to Nov 7th and of course we are trying to move the appointment earlier while getting everything else finished on time. Wish us luck!

On the upside, the court walls are up, the netting is up, the outlines are painted, the floors and the glass back walls are about to be installed.  And we will open for tours as soon as the courts are complete.

Enjoy the video tour and remember – don’t boast, keep it deep….

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