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Since our wildly successful kick-off party in February, The Manhattan Community Squash Center has been moving forward on a number of fronts. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be providing more regular communiqués so please forward these news updates to anyone you know who will be interested in our Community and encourage them to sign up for our newsletter and membership!
Here’s the report for this week:

Opening Date

As you may know, we had originally planned to open on April 16th, which would have aligned our opening with our very own David Puchkoff’s birthday! However, we got lobbed a few delays which we guessed would push us back to July 1st. We were wrong. Now that we’ve got the courts delivery date and the contractors all signed up, we have much more certainty about our opening date: Friday, August 23rd. We’ve updated out countdown, and we’re confident that come late summer, our West 39th Street home will be one of your frequent and happy destinations.


We’ve had tons of questions about what we’re doing so we’ve put a FAQ section up on our website – please keep firing off the questions and as we get them, we’ll add to it.

Family Plan

We’ve had a huge number of requests for a family plan, and we’re happy to announce one.  This plan is designed for someone who is an enthusiastic squash player and wants to hit with their family member(s) from time-to-time on the weekends or other off-peak times.  If you sign up for an unlimited membership, then you can get 25% off off-peak membership for your other family members ($74/month).

Special Offer

We have a special discount for anyone who signs up a friend: you get one month free for every person you refer! And a year free if you refer 10 people. Just email the names to info@TheSquashCenter.org and if the person signs up within two weeks, your account is automatically credited for a free month. (And when I say automatically, I mean we manually make note of it and do a little celebratory dance until our back-office systems are fully installed).

Thanks…that’s it for now!  In the meantime, keep playing squash wherever you can find a court knowing that by the end of the summer there will be five more squash courts in mid-town Manhattan.

More to come. Keep it deep.


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