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Did you know that the way to create the best true, quiet wall for a squash court is to have panels full of sand? And if you did, have you ever stopped to think about how much sand is needed for a court – or five?  Or how much it weighs? Well, we just found out!

Delivery of our courts is scheduled for July 31st! (or shortly thereafter – YAY!!!!).  They’re currently on a container ship in the middle of The Atlantic Ocean. We are planning to have the sand delivered to fill the walls of the courts in early August.  It didn’t sound like a big deal until I heard the numbers:

  • The sand is coming on pallets
  • Each pallet weighs 3,000 lbs consisting of 60 (sixty!) 50 lb bags of sand
  • There will be 32 pallets,
  • That’s 48 tons of sand!!

Next problem: how do you support 48 tons of sand? If you put that on your normal office floor it would fall straight through and create one helluva mess. So we’ve had to put reinforced steel in the floor to support the walls of the courts.

 Even with these supports, we have to be careful about where we store the sand before it goes into the court walls so that we don’t put too much weight on a place that can’t support it. The adventure never ends!

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