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We’ve been re-opened for a little over a month now, and my oh my the things we have learned. First and foremost of course are the COVID adjustments. Or to be lighthearted about a very serious subject – we’re working to ensure there’s no such thing as a Squash Transmitted Disease. We’re doing all we can, cleaning, disinfecting and temperature taking while our community is doing all they can by limiting their partners and ensuring a mask is worn at all times. It is a great privilege to have been allowed to open and everyone is going above and beyond to ensure a safe environment. If you haven’t visited, we hope you will.


Meanwhile we are continuing to build. We’ve had good feedback from our video recording experiment and are going to expand that offering (please send any ideas – we’re always looking to improve).  Based on the surveys we’re going to start offering squash-specific online training to compensate for the gyms being closed and to help everyone stay fit.


Speaking of which, New York has still not allowed the re-opening of gyms which means any squash court located within a gym is closed – and there are rumors that some may never reopen. Our mission is to make squash accessible to everyone and so to compensate for this situation we are relaxing the need for an annual commitment and allowing anyone to join month-to-month. If you know someone in this situation, they can sign up here.

It is a joy and a privilege to be able to play squash. And it is a thrill to see new people joining our community almost every day – even in what is usually the quietest squash month of the year. If you see me, please remind me not to boast, just keep it deep, deep, deep.


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