The Center

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make squash more accessible to the general public.  Think of us as a squash specific YMCA that’s just a bit more modern.  We are setting aside a portion of our memberships so that we can offer discounted deals to those who cannot afford to join without assistance. 

Who We Are

We are a group of enthusiastic squash players who were devastated when The Printing House (where we used to play squash) was bought by Equinox who demolished our five courts in December 2010. Ever since then (yes, eight years ago), we’ve been trying to launch a new center to call home. Fitting multiple squash courts into existing buildings in New York City has proved much harder than we ever imagined – but we are finally here! Our group has grown and shrunk and grown again over the years and currently includes David Ellen, David Puchkoff, James Green, Terry Talerman and Peter Nicol with many more who have supported us overtly and covertly over the years.

The Designer

Bricault Design is based in Vancouver, Canada, and pursues projects in architecture, interior design, graphic design, and product development. Our collective background includes academic training in architecture, industrial design, and fine arts, as well as millwork and project management experience. A hands-on knowledge of various fabrication techniques allows us to develop achievable solutions, producing work that is characteristically playful and surprising.

The Squash Center

The Squash Center is our parent company.  Its mission is to build squash facilities across the world.  We are starting in New York City.  The Manhattan Community Squash Center is our very first location right in the heart of the Big Apple. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

The Center

When completed, the Manhattan Community Squash Center will be the only squash specific facility in New York City.  The space will consist of five squash courts, changing facilities with showers and all the amenities you would expect, an area to warm up, cool down and stretch, lockers and laundry facilities and a lounge/cafe to socialize with your friends. 

The Building

We had been looking for eight years for a building like this and finally found it: The Engineering Society Building of New York.  This fine building was once home to the finest engineers in the city.  Household names like Tesla and Edison.  Squash may not seem like the most immediate way to celebrate these heroes, but our facility is comprised of the most modern equipment, the latest technology and as any squash player will tell you, it takes extremely hard work and high degrees of precision to win a point.  It turns out that hard work and precision are hallmarks of engineers as well.  

The Location

If you replaced a dart board with a map of Manhattan, The Manhattan Community Squash Center would be the bullseye.

Help Support Manhattan
Community Squash Center

We are not yet fully funded.  You can help us in several ways:

  1. Become a member
  2. Tell your friends you joined (or at least tell them about us if you are still on the fence).
  3. We will be selling overpriced SWAG on the site which will get you goodies, a tax deduction and a general feeling of well-being.
  4. Donate something that we can sell on our site.
  5. Become a Founding Member – for more details, click the link below.
  6. For those of you who are really excited, spend some of that hard-earned wealth on naming a court after your hero, a loved one, or yourself.  There are other naming opportunities as well.  My favorite? The Bar (code-named Court 6).

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