Over the past year, when I’ve not been trying desperately to improve my mediocre squash skills, I’ve been on another adventure helping doctors and nurses be the best they can be (check out www.CareAlign.ai if you’re interested). In that experience, I’ve grown to be incredibly respectful to anyone who has helped us through this pandemic. And this blog’s for you: Cleve Miller. We opened in January 2020, and closed in March. We re-opened in July and have slowly crept back to our pre-pandemic levels. I’m proud to report that as of June 2021, we now have the highest membership levels we’ve ever had. But more importantly, someone had to shepherd us through the pandemic. And that person was Cleve. Although we had members who tested positive, we had contact tracing in place and we haven’t had a single case of transmission in our center. Even more impressive, we are now at a higher vaccination rate than any other cohort I’ve ever heard of. Check out this chart:
96% of our active adult members are now vaccinated and it’s continuing to climb. And before that our mask compliance was at a similar rate. I can’t think of a more thankless task than making sure that everyone has their mask up above their nose and below their mouth while they are reaching for that tight deep ball that’s dying in the corner while simultaneously suffering from oxygen depletion. Cleve was that man. You may be one of the people who Cleve cajoled, scolded or otherwise motivated to stay with the program. Maybe you loved him for it. Maybe you didn’t. But if it wasn’t for him we would not be where we are today. Talk about not boasting and keeping it deep.

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