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On Monday, October 28th, the first people played squash at the Manhattan Community Squash Center (see video below). We had junior programming from 4-7pm every day, and after that people who registered for league had informal hits in the evenings.  The same schedule is happening through Nov 18th and John Musto is going to try to program some lessons for those who want them (you can reach out to him at John.Musto@TheSquashCenter.org if you’re interested). After the 18th, we expect to have the restrooms/changing rooms complete and open online court bookings in the afternoon/evenings and weekends. Shortly after that we’ll open up to our normal operating hours of 6am-11pm.  We won’t charge membership fees while we have limited operating hours.

We all feel a little schizophrenic: on the one hand we feel terrible that we’re late (plus we don’t have showers until Nov 18th); but on the other hand we feel elated to see squash being played on brand new courts in the middle of Manhattan! 

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