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It was an absolute joy to see people on court last week after having seen the courts sit idle for three months. Everyone who visited was awesome and took pride in following the new procedures. We even had a doctor visit who has been working on the front lines of COVID, we walked her through what we are doing, she gave us an “A-” and a few pointers that will take us to “A+”.  Next week we will be expanding just a little bit – here’s a list of what’s what:

Summer Special

Our mission is to make squash more accessible and so we are offering a $299 special for anyone who would like to play through Labor Day without any further commitment. Email info@TheSquashCenter.org for more info.

Bubble Partner

This week and last was all about solo drilling. Next week we are going to open up so that you can play with a “bubble partner”. This is one person that you want to expand your network to include. We suggest you pick someone who is not only at a similar level and wants to play at a similar frequency, but also who has the same approach as you to social distancing when not on court. To begin with we will be requiring everyone to wear iMasks on court. We’ll provide the iMasks to begin with and then if it works we’ll provide them for sale and/or rental.

Squash Lessons

Lessons are now available again. John Musto our inimitable and incomparable pro will get on court with you – though he will remain socially distanced and will wear a mask. We’re offering an introductory 5 pack of lessons for $500. Getting a lesson as you come back is a fantastic way to make sure you break bad habits and build great new ones.

OnLine Offerings

The Manhattan Squash Show has proved enormously popular and we will continue to produce it weekly. We have also been offering squash focused online yoga classes, but the times they are a changin’ to Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm @ManhattanSquash on Instagram Live. We are considering adding a weekend class as well – let us know if there’s a time that any of you favor by reaching out to me at James.Green@TheSquashCenter.org.

We learned a ton last week about how to disinfect courts after usage and what works and what doesn’t. We’re going to stay with our more limited opening hours for now – but we look to hear from you if our opening hours are not working for you. At the moment we are open M-F noon to 8pm and weekends 9-5pm. 

Speaking personally, it was sooo much fun to be able to practice keeping it deep this week. Looking forward to putting it into “action” next week. Until then…


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