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It turns out that when people say that it’s complicated to build in New York City, they are right. While we know that’s not the earth shattering insight you’ve been looking for we are thrilled to announce that we finally have our work permit and we’re on-track to open at the end of August.

Of course we didn’t expect to have to build a second (concrete) floor and then jack it up a few inches in order to create an air gap for acoustical insulation (we’ll still have floating floors on the courts as well) and all of this while maintaining that crucial eighteen foot ceiling height for those beautiful lobs I know you’ve all been working on.

Nor did we expect to find a better court vendor at the last minute – we’ve switched to ASB – the court provider of record for the WSF, WSA, PSA, and now (more importantly) the Manhattan Community Squash Center. We’re looking forward to capturing video of the space as it’s built to share with you so you can follow our progress along the way.

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