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In the last week of July Cleve emailed me with a Challenge: “We need to explain ourselves!  What’s special about squash? What’s special about making squash more accessible and inclusive? And what’s so wonderful about our community? Can you make three videos for us?”

We’re a non-profit, so we don’t get to throw money on expensive video productions which means for better-or-worse, we have to do everything ourselves. I’m no professional, but I hope these three videos help get our message across.  And with luck, they will get better as we progress.

Here is video #1: “Why squash is great!” It’s message that will probably be more important to non-squash players as in the end we all have our own reasons why we love our sport! The second two (on accessibility and community) will come out over the next ten days. I hope you enjoy them, but whatever happens, please remember: don’t boast – just keep it deep.



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