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Ona Prokes

Apr 12th 2024

Boast About It: Celebrating the Squash Community on TV

Open Squash's 'Boast About It' for Stories That Inspire, Connect, and Celebrate Our Vibrant Community!

Open Squash, a nonprofit squash community with a mission to open the game up for everyone, is proud to announce the launch of an exciting new video series called "Boast About It."

The show's name is a pun on the squash shot, a "boast." But we also want to boast about how great it is to be part of the squash community! So, we will be meeting with members, coaches, and others in the world of squash to capture their inspiring stories.

"We're exploring why we play squash, what we gain from it, and how it impacts our lives," said presenter and Open Squash Board Member, James Green. "We want to showcase the incredible individuals that make up the vibrant squash community."

If you are part of the squash community, you already know how special it is. It's a place where passion, determination, sportsmanship and sportswomanship thrive. We support each other's goals, celebrate each other's achievements, and push the limits. Through "Boast About It," we want to expose the greatness of this community. We really do want to boast about it!

Expect to hear personal stories of triumph and adversity. Expect insights into the life lessons that squash teaches. Get an inside look at the dedication and hard work that goes into the sport.

Our first two episodes are interviews with Max Klein and Clair Oblamski. Max is the captain of his 4.5 league team at Open Squash in FiDi. Like many members of Open Squash, Max only really started playing the game as an adult. Still, his journey into the game has been one of fitness, focus, improvement, and finding genuine community.  Clair Oblamski is a regular squash player in New York City who loves the sport for its year-round urban playability. She also enjoys the community element of playing squash with women at Open Squash.

You can watch episodes 1 and 2 with Max Klein and Clair Oblamski here.

Episode 3 is with our Director of Squash at FiDi, Amr Khalifa. As a college player in the US, Amr won the US college national individual championship in 2014. He then went on to be a top 50 PSA player with nine titles to his name. Legendary Trinity coach Paul Assaiante has said Amr “has magical hands, moves like a cat and reads the game really well." Amr’s years of living, playing and studying in the US give him the ability to translate the best of the Egyptian game to squash in the US, and we’re incredibly excited to have him bring his talents and expertise to our junior programs.

Watch episode 3 with Amr Khalifa here. And be sure to check back at the Open Squash Community blog, or on our Instagram and social media feeds, for the next episodes.

In the world of squash? Want to "Boast About It?" Get in touch with presenter James Green ( and let's make it happen! 

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