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Open Squash

Apr 3rd 2024

Tournament Supporting Refugee Girls from Syria and Sudan

Squash Dreamers Featured Image

Support refugee women from Syria and Sudan playing squash through our upcoming tournament in aid of Squash Dreamers.

Open Squash, a nonprofit squash organization with a mission to bring squash to everyone, is delighted to host a two-day squash tournament running April 20-21 at our FiDi location, in support of Squash Dreamers, a nonprofit which empowers refugee girls from Syria, Sudan and Jordan. You can sign up for the tournament here.

Squash Dreamers is making a significant impact on the lives of young refugee and underprivileged Jordanian girls. By providing professional squash and English language training, Squash Dreamers aims to empower these girls to apply to outstanding international and Jordanian schools, thereby transforming their future opportunities.

Squash Dreamers was founded in 2017 by Clayton Keir, a passionate squash player from the United States who volunteered to train young Syrian refugee girls in sports. Keir realized that these girls had the potential to excel in squash, a sport that could open doors to top-notch educational institutions. However, he discovered that refugees faced significant barriers when it came to accessing sports programs.

Jordan is home to approximately 655,000 Syrian refugees, with 80% residing outside of border camps. Most of these families had to leave everything behind when fleeing Syria, resulting in 93% of refugees in Jordan living below the poverty line. Access to high-quality education is one of the most significant challenges faced by Syrian refugee children. While the Jordanian government created second shifts in schools to accommodate the influx of Syrian students, there are still not enough resources to provide a quality education. Last year alone, at least one-third of school-aged Syrian refugee children did not receive a formal education.

Squash Dreamers recognizes the physical and mental health benefits of sports participation  for refugee children. By utilizing squash as a tool, Squash Dreamers aims to address the long-term consequences of a generation receiving little to no education. The organization believes that education is fundamental in building a strong society, a necessary foundation to rebuild Syria and empower refugees to become doctors, teachers, and engineers.

Since its establishment, Squash Dreamers has continued to expand its programs and impact. Starting with just four Syrian refugee girls in 2017, the organization now provides training to 45 girls. In addition to squash training, an English program was added to help the girls gain the language skills required for international school applications. The organization aims to build its own squash and education center in Amman, Jordan, further cementing its commitment to providing a nurturing environment for these young dreamers.

You can make a meaningful difference in the lives of these courageous and talented young girls by supporting Squash Dreamers. For more information, contact Ben Sheridan with Squash Dreamers. Or sign up for the tournament here.