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Open Squash

May 23rd 2024

2024 Club Championship Finals: A Night to Remember

Open Squash's third Club Championship Finals at Bryant Park featured intense competition, with players battling for medals and a spot on the championship board, highlighting the event's rising  engagement!

Friday, May 19, at Open Squash marked the Finals of our third eagerly anticipated Club Championship at our Bryant Park location. Now in its third year, the event has grown in prestige and competitiveness, with contestants eager to see their names etched forever in bronze letters on black plastic on the championship board on the wall. They also got the chance to win a medal. It was pretty epic.

Director of Squash Operations David Hughes said: "From our humble beginnings in 2022, the Club Championship Finals now feel very competitive and keenly fought. The Finals Night showcased the immense talent within our club across various skill levels, with players giving their all to claim the coveted titles.”

The results were as follows, with some other finals yet to be played:

Women’s A Final — Abigail Arader beat Eva Morgenstein 3-1
Women C’s Singles Final — Catherine Liu beat Becca Marcus 3-0
Women’s C Playoff 3rd and 4th Consolation Final — Caroline Leroy beat Lea Pujol 3-0
Men’s 5.0 Consolation Final — Yuri Dankov beat Michael McConnell 3-2
Men’s 4.5 Final — Zach Krumholz beat Nikhil Basu 3-0
Men’s 4.0 Final — Bradley Werner beat Sean Kapoor 3-0

Highlights included the women’s A Final, closely fought between Abigail Arader and Eva Morgenstein despite the 3-1 scoreline.

Yuri Dankov came back from 2-0 down to win the men’s 5.0 Consolation Final in a battle of endurance and will.

Meanwhile, Zach Krumholz brought 15 of his extended family members along to support as he beat Nikhil Basu 3-0—admitting he was “gassed” at the end of the third, and nervous about Nikhil potentially taking the match to a fourth game. Ordinarily, Basu and Krumholz trade games in practice but Krumholz came out to win and barraged his opponent with a relentless attacking style, including his trademark savage volleying. Krumholz has only been playing squash for less than a year and his victory was testament to the hard work he’s put in to get better since.

Bradley Werner, an Australian who played cricket as a youngster and retains the lightning reflexes and keen hands of a wicketkeeper or inside fielder, showed no mercy whatsoever in beating 11-year-old Sean Kapoor 3-0, but Sean vowed to be back next year and ready for a rematch. Sean’s older brother Max continues to blaze the trail for Sean to follow, perhaps like Mohamed ElShorbagy did for his younger brother, Marwan, on the Professional Squash Association tour.

“I’ll be ready for him,” said Werner.

“No, he won’t,” said Kapoor.

Hughes was effusive in his praise for the participants and the community's involvement, saying, "The dedication of our players, the commitment of those who stepped up to ref and score the matches, and the unwavering support from our audience made the evening truly remarkable. Many squash players rarely play a match against a cheering crowd and the atmosphere in the club on Friday night was energetic and a reflection of our strong community. Seeing everyone come together, cheering and supporting each other, speaks volumes about the club culture we're fostering here."

If you're thinking about stepping onto the squash court in New York City, Open Squash is the perfect place to start your journey. With a comprehensive range of options including introduction to squash classes, engaging round robins, competitive box league, structured league play, and the excitement of our Club Championships, we're fully equipped to guide beginners from their initial swing to advanced gameplay. We also offer sliding scale pricing for anyone on a low income, with a mission to make squash more accessible to everyone.

Whether you're looking to casually hit a few balls, improve your fitness, or compete at a higher level, Open Squash’s programming is tailored to help every player progress and achieve their goals. Give us a call or drop us an email to find your place in the game.